Drone Building & Asset Inspections


The use of drones is hugely versatile and can benefit a range of different businesses and sectors, saving you both time and money. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are fast becoming a popular way to carry out asset inspections, with the latest drone technology allowing high resolution images and valuable data to be collected with minimal risk and effort. Traditional inspections can be time consuming and costly, however using drones as an inspection method  is a safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Not only can drones provide 4K video footage, but they can also deliver aerial photography and aerial imaging. Here at DroneReveal we offer a range of different services to cater to your businesses’ individual needs.

All of our drone pilots are qualified and have been granted permission by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate drones commercialy in the United Kingdom for both day and night flights. Risk assessments are carried out for each operation and DroneReveal carry £1million insurance which can be increased if required.  Whether you work in facility management, construction, advertising, the oil and gas industry, on a wind farm or in journalism; drones are an ideal business solution for you.

Benefits of Drone Asset Inspections

  • Low insurance cost
  • Saves time and money
  • Can inspect hazardous, hard to reach areas
  • Collects easily shareable inspection data
  • Quick deployment or launch
  • Minimises dangers and health and safety risks
  • Can cater to many different industries offering variety of inspections
  • Perfect for creating marketing or advertising materials
  • Little downtime for systems and equipment
  • Non-contact and non-destructive
  • New technology allows for advanced services and results
  • Our highly skilled UAV operators are fully qualified and insured

Roofs and Building Envelope 


Roofs are exposed to all the elements, more so than any other part of a building, yet, due to them being high up and out of sight, do not receive regular inspections. This means small inexpensive issues develop into larger problems leading to expensive repairs to the roof and possibly internals. Regular Drone Building Aerial Inspections can reduce the overall cost of repairs and help prevent the development of any further issues.

By having a Thermal Inspection at the same time you will be able to see problems not visible to the naked eye such as water ingress on flat roofs or faulty/missing insulation allowing long term savings on heating bills.

Why wait for expensive problems to show? Book an Aerial Inspection with us now and spot the minor problems before they become expensive, major issues.

Construction Sites 


Our inspection services can be used to provide surveying, mapping and modelling on construction sites, and we can also create photography and video footage if required. Our high resolution aerial photography allows you to collect quality imagery of all development stages of your construction project from beginning to end.

We can also provide 3D mapping services to produce imagery and contour maps which collect accurate measurements and data for construction-based projects.

Land Surveying 


Aerial asset inspections are incredibly useful for land surveying as we can easily produce accurate, current site photos and maps quickly, at low costs. We can also compile comparison surveys of different properties which is great for determining development and investment opportunities.

Wind Turbines


It has been estimated that inspection time can be reduced by up to 70% when compared to traditional rope access tower inspections. Equipment downtime is reduced due to the speed of drone inspections. Safety, which is high on everyone’s list, is another good reason for using drones as the risk to inspection teams is greatly reduced if not totally eliminated. All this means that the wind turbines earn more money while being less expensive to inspect and safer for the team.

Are you planning placement of new solar panels? Are all your panels working and not shaded by over-growing trees, grass etc? By using drones to inspect your panels, on the ground or on a roof, you will be able to spot and deal with problems quickly and maintain them to peak efficiency at low cost. Click here to read more about our services in the solar industry.

To enquire about the inspection services we offer at DroneReveal, get in touch now – we will be more than happy to help you!



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